Poll: Ethnic Voters Support Obamacare

While more people in California than anywhere else in the country support the nation’s new health care reform law, that’s largely the result of an overwhelming endorsement from ethnic minorities, according to results released today by the non-partisan The Field Poll.

In March, after months and months of wrangling on Capitol Hill, President Obama signed the landmark Health Care Act of 2010 that expands subsidized health care to millions of uninsured Americans and requires all legal residents to have health insurance or pay a fine. A number of state attorneys general -- all Republicans -- are challenging the law, saying the mandate is unconstitutional.

Many of those polled say Obama’s health care bill should only be a first step with more changes needed. This view is strongest among Latinos, blacks, Korean Americans and Chinese Americans.

Statewide, 52 percent of California voters generally support the new law and 30 percent strongly support it. While non-Hispanics whites in the state are evenly split about the new law, majorities of voters across five of the state’s other major ethnic populations are in favor of it.

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